Yema Bread Rolls

Yema Bread Rolls with soft, fluffy buns and creamy egg custard filling are the ultimate snacks. Enjoy for breakfast or anytime you need a sweet treat.

Hello again, Kawaling Pinoy readers! I am Sanna, and I am thrilled to be back with another recipe to share with you. I hope you enjoyed the ube mamon I posted last month as I have another delicious baked treat today.

I love baking, and most often than not, you’d find me in my kitchen baking up batch after batch of both sweet and savory baked goods. I genuinely enjoy the whole creative energy of making a fresh loaf from scratch, and the fact that the entire house smells like a cozy bakeshop is a bonus.

These yema bread rolls are made of a dough I use in a lot of my bread creations. I’ve worked with all sorts of dough recipes, but this one is my favorite as it yields super soft, delicate buns that lend well to various fillings.

I’ve had delicious results with different fillings such as ube and coconut jam, but custard is hands down the best of the lot, in my opinion. The sweet and creamy yema nestled in pillowy bread rolls is like a delicious surprise in every bite!

The custard buns take about 1 hour to prep excluding the rise and chill time for the dough, but don’t let the seemingly complex process daunt you. I promise they’re worth the effort!

Helpful tips

  • The right temperature of the milk is crucial for proofing the yeast so make sure to heat your milk to the optimal temperature of 105 to 110 F. Remember that yeast is a living organism and hot liquid will kill it!
  • If the yeast mixture does not foam after 20 minutes, the yeast is probably “dead” so discard the mixture and start with a fresh pack.
  • The dough will be very sticky initially but once you add the melted butter, it will be soft, smooth and easier to handle.
  • When assembling the buns, keep the filling in the center of the dough and leave about ½ inch border as any smears on the sides will make sealing the dough difficult.

You can also simplify the process by making the dough and the yema in advance. The dough after it has risen can be refrigerated for up to two days, and the yema filling will keep for up to three days. On the day of baking, just assemble the buns, let them rise, and bake!

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