5 Small Tattoos with Meaning

For all tastes, 5 small tattoos with meaning so you can get what you want. Get at least an idea of ​​what can look good on your skin and mark it for the rest of your life.

5 Small tattoos with meaning for women

Cloud Tattoos:

The tattoos clouds, generally small sizes, can be a good option for women, as well as the Chinese, usually relate the meaning of the cloud as a transition.

A part of the transition is also related to the journey towards spirituality that a person could have. The advantage of this small tattoo with meaning is that it is easy and quick to do, and its meaning is simple, but it has several ramifications. It also has meanings in both Greco-Roman and Japanese cultures.

Origamis tattoos:

These tattoos are usually little seen by some, but in turn, inspiring. This art originated in China, we can see them in many representations of animals.

The art of distraction can be used as tattoos, since depending on the animal you choose, its meaning will be different, as for example, if you choose the frog symbol, it will be good luck, if you choose the rabbit, its meaning it will be related to fertility, with the arrival of spring, and can be described as a naughty person.

Lightning tattoos:

The rays are usually very simple to do, just a couple of straight lines and we will have it. Although it sounds simple, the meaning of a small lightning tattoo , we can see it as a symbol of power, energy, being active in a situation or everything in general.

It is a good option if you do not endure the pain of the needle or if in the area where you plan to do so it is very sensitive for you.

Cross tattoos:

The cross can be a very complex meaning concerning religion and also spirituality. However, its symbol as a sign of love, of devotion to God, will not always be quite right.

The reason is, because if you decide to make a cross, but in an inverted way, its meaning changes completely, being now referring to atheism and Satanism in some cases. The types of cross for a tattoo can be very extensive since the diversity of designs will depend on the personality of the person.

Geometric Tattoos:

They are the ones that have been in fashion in recent years, and their relationship is based on alchemy, on the elements of astrology, esotericism and mysticism.

These linear tattoos have many exact shapes and strokes that attract attention. They usually mean a unique ritual, so when you want a geometric tattoo, it is best to look a little more on the symbol that best represents you.

The triangular shapes mean balance, the arrows represent alchemical symbols such as gold and silver, in addition to which it also refers to the elements of life and also to the solar system, the earth, and the other stars that compose it.

Watercolor tattoos:

Small tattoos with the meaning of watercolor show the original form of expression and recreation, since when it is painted with watercolor, it is difficult to recreate the same art and the same colors that we originally used.

This effect gives nostalgia when we painted as children, in addition to being joined with figures or other common tattoos, such as making a wolf with drops and watercolor jets around that can give it a more cheerful and unique look .

A watercolor tattoo can mean anything , so define what type you would like your tattoo to give yourself your own meaning.