10 women tattoos on the arm

Enjoy these 10 tattoos of women on the arm with meaning so you can have a previous idea if you want to get one in one of the cases and know what a popular voice really means.

Feather Tattoo:

Feather tattoos are very easy to do, the best of all is that they can go anywhere in your body, in this case we talk about the women’s arm so it will be elegant and very beautiful.

The woman tattoo on the arm of the pen , are translated as ascension, spiritual evolution, communication with spirits, freedom, courage, intelligence and strength.

Bow and Arrow Tattoo:

This is less common than just drawing an arrow, which is why a bow and arrow looks much more striking than just having an arrow tattoo.

The meanings of these women tattoos on the arm is that this type of tattoo is given “is the one that protects you”. It can be represented in two cases, the first is that it represents the desire to take care of your loved ones, as it may also be that they take care of you or protect you.

It means that it is a symbol to protect your loved ones, or for someone to protect you.

Anchor Tattoo:

Anchors are widely used in tattoos for women on the arm, serve both men and women and have long been the most chosen. In addition to having a certain link with the sea, the meaning of the anchor is the representation of stability, firmness, character and conviction.

It is like a reminder that tells us that we must stand firm to any problems that may appear in our lives. Although it is a distinctly old tattoo style, as they were only used by sailors and firefighters, they are still used today, and not only by the male population.

Ta tuaje of Corona:

Whether a male or female crown, these objects give the meaning of strength and also the leadership that a person can have.

Another notable meaning that can be given to a crown tattoo is that of sovereignty, of the independence that one has, of self-control and of the strength that a person can possess.

Crowns are often accompanied by other images that you can use to give them a broader meaning, such as hearts, birds, and even roses.

Ta tuaje Book:

For reading fans, they may know that books can be amazing ways that can go quite well, when it comes to getting a woman’s tattoo on her arm . If you love a book, you can immortalize it on your skin.

Books have always been treated as inexhaustible sources of wisdom and information, they can also have many genres and knowledge.

A tattoo with a book, can mean knowledge, source of wisdom, development and as a key to success.

Ta t infinity

Among the tattoos of women on the arm with symbols, that of infinity is one of the most used since it is always found a way to make it more and more original for various people.

The infinity tattoo reflects everything that can be encompassed in something eternal, such as love, thoughts, everything that has no end. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of infinite love towards a person, or loved one.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo:

The hand of Fatima or Hamsa is a tattoo of the mystical type due to its symbolism and meaning . For this reason, it is represented as a protective amulet and also serves to increase fertility.

The eye inside the hand serves to avoid both envy and the evil eye. If you like the idea, you can place small fish around Hamsa’s hand, since the fish are good luck and protective at the same time.

Dandelion Tattoo:

This flower is a continuous object for tattoos, since the dandelion grows almost anywhere in the world. For this reason, its meaning is reflected in an association with young people and children, thus being a symbol of innocence of purity and of course nostalgia.

It can be used to represent special moments in our lives, or also to keep memories that we don’t want to forget.

Fairy Tattoo:

This fantasy tattoo has several meanings, since the magical, the supernatural and the use of imagination are fundamental pieces of fairies. Fairies are magical beings of small sizes with beautiful wings and supernatural powers.

It is a tattoo widely used in women, inspired by drawings, denoting the sensuality and the mystical power that they keep. It reflects fantasy, childhood, the desire to fly, freedom and love towards nature.

Leaves Tattoo:

The leaves have different meanings according to their type and color since a green leaf is not the same as a withered or dry leaf. For this reason, it is best to choose what type of sheet is the most suitable for your tattoo, since if you make a green leaf, it can mean the beginning of something, while if it is a withered or dry leaf, it will mean the end of Something or sadness.

Generally, the leaves are one of those tattoos of women on the arm that mean joy and good luck, it can also mean evolution, changes, and stages of life.